Hi Dr. John, I am just getting caught up on your recent blogs. I appreciate that you share such detailed and thoughtful notes on your discussions. It makes it much easier to connect the dots and to realize what I may be missing. Cheers, Lynn Marie

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John, GREAT stuff. Keep it coming and hope you are well in 2023!

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Dr. Rutledge (Professor, Humanitarian, China Expert, the list is endless),

It is indeed a great a great honor and privilege to be able to write you! Especially as we, all begin the New Year with: hope, gratitude and great expectations.

First, let me further compliment you in recognizing CNBC’s most gifted anchor and reporter. You are 100% correct to point out Brian Sullivan’s uniqueness. Not only is he exemplary at what he does daily but his knowledge of the energy industry and his professional contacts in it (one can count on one’s hand how many journalists have access to interview the Saudi Oil Minister on a frequent basis) allow him to be the best in his field. Plus he is real wise soul, in how he paid his personal respects to the recent passing of a brilliant and unique professional, Scott Minerd of Guggenheim Investments.

Now to an even more impressive person, you! Whenever I hear a tease on TV, “we will interviewing Dr. John Rutledge”, I become like a dog seeing a new bag of treats! I stop everything that I am multi-tasking on, and focus my brain on just listening to your interview. You are one of my most revered global business experts. Your knowledge, intelligence, insight and wisdom are greatly appreciated by me! I thank you very much for sharing all of your very rare qualities with me and the public. It is indeed a privilege and a priceless few moments to listen or read your opinions and forecasts.

I found your most recent writing totally informative and thought provoking. I will act on this great knowledge base to make wiser investment decisions and I will attempt to influence our politicians to wake-up to the future realities of the world!

I wish you the best in the New Year! I hope you find great joy, continued (I pray) good health and increasing wealth. Keep sharing your incredible brain with the masses.

God bless you, with great gratitude and respect,

Andrew M. Wendel


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